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Business center has been designed keeping in view the present requirements of the corporate world. The modern hi-tech companies specially the growing business centers like telecom, IT & ITES have played a special role in balancing the Indian economy. Looking at the present scenario, many companies are forced to cut down on the cost of operations. Operations cost cutting is marjory done by bringing down the cost of lease, salaries and overheads. The lease rentals specially in towns like Bhopal are half from the lease-rentals in metros and tier-I cities. With the blessing of International airport being constructed in Bhopal has also given a very good opportunity. Our location is the most sought after by the companies as a major road connectivity in the future, and also the only major approved commercial zone in Bhopal several companies are opting for the Hoshangabad Road.

We are already in negotiation for the lease of space as large as 25,000 sq.ft., with several companies of international repute for lease-out option. The building is being planned with high ceiling, beam-less structure and with high end electric supply provision and fully glass and aluminum fašade, high speed lifts, power back ups etc, along with grand lobby, waiting areas and special fire protection equipments. The approvals from all the authorities are under process and will be obtained shortly. The schedule of commencement of construction is immediately after rains. The project is being planned by best architect and designers who have a very vast experience in designing the IT / ITES buildings. The expertise of the promoters will be giving an edge of execution over other projects.

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